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6 Bad Habits That Harm Energy Efficiency


Now that the summer is almost here, home appliances like air conditioner, fans, and refrigerators will be consuming a lot of energy in your Cape Canaveral, Florida, home. Any inefficient use of appliances will only add to the already burgeoning utility bills. Take some time to analyze your habits, and make necessary changes to improve your energy efficiency this summer.


Not Using Ceiling Fans

Making use of ceiling fans reduces the load on your HVAC system in summer as well as in winter. You should run them in a counterclockwise direction in summer, so that they pull up the warm air towards the ceiling. It will make room for cooler air on the floor. Similarly, to warm up your home in winter, you should run the ceiling fans in a clockwise direction so as to bring down the warmer air accumulated near the ceiling.

Leaving Appliances Running

This is the most common thing that contributes to increasing the utility bill in almost every household. Leaving appliances running when not required is like paying for using nothing. We often leave the lights on while leaving a room. Similarly, we keep the computers on even when not in use.

Some appliances have components like LED light, digital clock, and remote control, which use standby electricity. Leaving them on this phantom load adds a significant amount to your utility bills.

Make sure you unplug devices like mobile phones, tablets, and gaming consoles when you are not using them. Consider connecting these devices to a power strip so that you can turn off all the devices using a single switch. Even better, opt for smart strips that cut off electricity supply automatically when appliances go into the standby mode.

Upgrading to a smart thermostat will help you take care of your HVAC usage. It will allow you to turn off the HVAC equipment when you leave the house and turn it on just before you get into the house. Thus, with a smart thermostat, you need not worry if you forget to switch off your cooling machine; you can turn it off from anywhere you are. Nor do you have to keep your machine running all the time fearing a harsh temperature when you return home; you can anyway turn it on before entering the home.

Not Maintaining Your Appliances Properly

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are designed to cool your home in an efficient manner. However, unmaintained HVAC systems tend to have clogged air filters, loose parts, and damaged components, which cause more energy usage while pulling, processing, and supplying the air. This causes your equipment to work harder, cutting down its efficiency and lifespan in the process. It also creates a number of indoor air quality issues, like a buildup of pollutants and unpleasant odors. Consider subscribing to a preventive maintenance plan to keep your equipment in good health.

Indiscreet Use of Water

If you are leaving leaky water pipes, running toilets, and drippy faucets unattended, you are unknowingly causing a huge wastage of water. Water leakage can also cause damage to your property and pose a risk of shorting wiring. Make sure you get it fixed as early as possible. Also, consider installing aerating shower heads and low flow taps to bring down your water consumption.

Frequently Opening the Refrigerator Door

If you are in the habit of opening the refrigerator too often and staring at the stuff inside, you are causing your refrigerator to use more energy than it actually should. Open the refrigerator only when you really need to, and make sure you close it back properly.

Forgetting to Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

Avoid using incandescent and halogen lights. Instead, go for CFLs and LEDs; they use about 25 to 80 percent less energy and last 10 to 25 times longer. Look for Energy Star certification while buying electrical products like ceiling fans, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines.

At Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat, we don’t just cool your homes; we do it in the most efficient manner possible. Contact our highly qualified technicians to learn more ways to save energy while keeping your home cool and comfortable. Call us anytime at (386) 260-2633.


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