3 Necessary Features in Your Next Air ConditionerPublished: June 18, 2018

If the time is drawing near to replace the air conditioning system in your home, now is the time to start looking at the latest features available in new models. With our hot, humid weather in Brevard County, Florida, having a functional air conditioner that can keep up with the climate is a necessity. Check out these features that you should be sure is included in your next air conditioning system.

Two-Stage Compressor

A compressor is found in every air conditioning system, whether it’s providing cool air to your home or your vehicle. The compressor in your home’s AC circulates the refrigerant through the system, which is a necessary step in the exchange of heat between the indoor and outdoor units. Less efficient units use a single-stage compressor, although two-stage compressors are more prevalent in units with high efficiency ratings.

A two-stage compressor is better because it can run at a low level most of the time, reducing energy waste. When it’s extremely hot outside, the high-level stage can kick in to provide maximum cooling.

Variable Speed Handler

Another appealing feature in modern HVAC systems is a variable speed handler, which can operate at multiple speeds which allows for more consistent cooling and less temperature swings in your home. Your system will work at incrementally higher or lower level to maintain the level of coolness called for by the thermostat.

Fan-Only Setting

When the sun goes down or during the spring and fall seasons in Florida, you may not need your air conditioning system to run constantly. With a fan-only setting, you can keep the air moving without using much energy. This setting will also circulate the cool air within your home, which maintains a comfortable atmosphere.

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