Understanding the Difference Between UV Lamps and UV Air Purifiers

It’s time to fight for cleaner air in your home. Allergens and other particulates can worsen allergy symptoms, aggravate asthma and contribute to respiratory problems. The first line of defense is a high-quality air filter. For a more comprehensive approach that fights contaminants at the source, germicidal UV-C light could be the answer. Learn the difference between UV lamps and … Read More

Why Do My Lights Dim When My AC Starts?

If you notice that lights in your home dim when your air conditioner comes on, there is a reason. A heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit requires up to seven times more power to start than to run. This demand for extra power can affect electrical fixtures and damage the HVAC unit. Installing a 5-2-1 Compressor Saver reduces both the … Read More

Tax Refunds Provide a 6 Months Same as Cash Heating and Cooling Upgrade

This year, put your tax refund to work. Click past the shiny new devices and be impressively responsible with your windfall. Tax refunds are the perfect way to invest in your home and your personal comfort while reducing your monthly utility bills. If your air conditioner or heat pump is pushing the 15-year mark, it’s smart to start weighing your … Read More

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, biological growth, and pet dander often lead to poor indoor air quality. They can cause allergy or asthma symptoms, sore throats, eye irritation, rashes, and other health problems. They can also cause bad smells, a clogged air filter, and dirty ductwork. Reduced airflow from a dirty filter could also force your HVAC system to … Read More

Enjoy Peace of Mind When You’re an HVAC Maintenance Member

In Rockledge, Florida, keeping your air conditioning and heating system functioning at its best is a must for dependable comfort. And that makes professional HVAC maintenance an indispensable part of any conscientious local homeowner’s normal HVAC upkeep routine. Aside from the usual preventive maintenance care we trust that you normally give your system — such as regular filter changes and … Read More

3 Ways to Counteract High Energy Bills

With the cooler months already upon us, many people have switched off their air conditioner. Regardless of the time of year, though, it’s important to counteract high energy bills as much as possible. By making small adjustments, like replacing the air filter, you can easily reduce your energy bills and improve indoor comfort levels in your Rockledge, Florida home.

7 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning System Functioning Well This Fall

As summer gives way to autumn, Melbourne, Florida, residents are preparing to enjoy more comfortable temperatures and relief from summer’s high humidity. However, the fall season can still bring some occasional warm days that call for the comfort of air conditioning. By changing your HVAC system’s air filter and weatherizing your home’s doors and windows, you can keep your air … Read More

Don’t Lose Your Cool: 3 Ways to Handle Air Conditioning and Allergies

When a member of your Rockledge, Florida, household suffers from allergies, you want to reduce sources of allergy triggers in the home while still maintaining a comfortable space for all members of the family. Through regular HVAC maintenance and proper ventilation, you can get the perfect balance between home cooling and allergy trigger reduction.

3 Smart Technology Options for Your Air Conditioner

One of the biggest improvements you can make to your home in Rockledge, Florida is to add smart technology. Many smart-technology upgrades are relatively simple, but they make a huge difference in your daily life. Start your quest for home automation by considering these three smart-technology options for your air conditioner.