Why Home Automation Cuts Utility CostsPublished: September 25, 2017

What has your smartphone cut out of your life? The need to wait until you get home to Google search random trivia facts that will prove your friends wrong? The expense of a landline? Smart technology has brought convenience and reduced costs all across your lifestyle. Today, smart tech is coming to your Palm Shores, Florida home in the form of home automation. Like your smartphone can reduce stress in your life, home automation cuts utility costs by giving you control over the systems in your home. Here’s how home automation can cut your utility costs.

What is Home Automation?

Put simply, home automation brings all the systems in your home under one umbrella. Those systems include your HVAC system, security, lighting and more. All of these systems can be controlled from the convenience of your smart device, where you can check security cameras, adjust the temperature in your home, and even turn off lights. Worried about leaving your home alone while you’re on vacation? Open your home automation app and turn on a light, make sure your door’s locked, and even turn on your TV.

Home automation can also be paired with an HVAC zoning system, allowing you to control the climate of independent areas of your home for those with varying preferences.

How Utility Costs Can Be Reduced

Home automation increases energy efficiency by giving you greater control over your home. Maybe you’ll be staying late at work and need to adjust your air conditioner programming to avoid wasting the cool air. Change it all from your smartphone. Did your kids leave the lights on when you left for a night out? Turn them off using your app. All that control puts energy usage literally in the palm of your hands, so savings are in your control.

Most systems also give you diagnostic reports that allow you to see your energy usage at a glance.

You’re one phone call away from greater energy savings. To experience the benefits of automation through Nexia, call Ellington Air Conditioning and Heat at (321) 248-4838.

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