Why You Need an Accurately Sized HVAC SystemPublished: April 25, 2017

For many Rockledge, Florida, homeowners, HVAC systems are essential parts of their homes. When you rely on this system to keep you cool and comfortable for most of the year, you need one that’s sized accurately. Find out why poorly sized HVAC systems create problems and learn how the Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat team ensures accurate HVAC system sizing for your home.

Overly Small Systems Can’t Keep Up

An HVAC system that’s too small might save money up front, but it will only cause discomfort over time. If your HVAC system is too small for your home, the system will constantly struggle. An overly small system may never fully cool or heat your home, and it will be prone to more frequent breakdowns as it works harder to keep your home comfortable.

Too-Large Systems Don’t Cool Completely

Overly large systems cool or heat your home too quickly, which causes them to short cycle. These systems tend to run often and for short periods of time. Additionally, they won’t have a chance to optimize the humidity level in your home or filter the air properly, which can lead to indoor air quality problems.

Accurately Sized Systems Improve Efficiency and Air Quality

In contrast, accurately sized HVAC systems cool and heat your home thoroughly and efficiently. They also improve air quality in your home, tackling humidity issues, ventilation problems, and airborne pollutant concerns.

To make sure that your HVAC system is the proper size for your home, our team doesn’t estimate or guess. Instead, we use a Manual J load calculation, a standard established by the Air Conditioner Contractors of America. This calculation takes a number of factors into account, including your home’s size, orientation, shade coverage, and number and direction of windows. After completing this calculation, our team will guide you toward the ideal HVAC system sized appropriately for your home.

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