Signs That Your Heater Needs Maintenance AttentionPublished: January 19, 2016

Heating breakdowns are a big headache. You can avoid emergency service calls and inconvenient repairs for your Melbourne, FL home by scheduling routine heater maintenance and by recognizing these warning signs.

Common Heating Problems

  • High utility bills are a common sign that your heating system needs a tuneup. Most power companies include graphs on your bill that show your monthly energy use compared to the previous year. You can also track your energy use online to see if it has increased.
  • Unusual noises may indicate problems with the blower motor, belts or bearings. If you’ve heard any type of screeching or squealing, schedule a heat pump or furnace repair before the problem worsens or the motor fails.
  • If your heater is blowing cold air, that’s a sure sign of a malfunction. Some issues may reduce the system’s output. With heat pumps, the auxiliary components may run continuously. This can really drive up your energy bills.
  • Check to see if the blower inside and the fan outside are running. There are certain times in the heating cycle when the fan won’t run, but it can also indicate serious problems, such as a seized motor.
  • Frost that coats your heat pump’s outdoor coils might indicate low refrigerant levels or detective defrost controls. If there’s another cause, your HVAC technician can diagnose the problem.
  • Some electrical and mechanical faults can trip the circuit breaker or activate the system’s automatic safety controls. If your heating system keeps triggering the breaker, contact a professional.

Scheduling Heater Maintenance and Repairs

You can learn more about our preventive maintenance or emergency repair services by calling Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat. We serve customers in Melbourne, Merritt Island, Titusville, and the surrounding communities in Brevard County, FL.