What is Trane Comfort R?Published: July 21, 2017

Comfort R is a proprietary process incorporated into certain Trane variable speed blowers that provides consistent airflow, enhanced efficiency, and superior humidity control.

Benefits of Trane Comfort R

In conventional air conditioning systems, the blower operates at 100 percent capacity during every run cycle. In contrast, the blower in a Comfort R system ramps up slowly based on settings that match the local area’s established weather patterns. A gradual ramp up provides a variety of benefits:

  • Reduced Wear: Instead of being slammed into a full-on operating mode, a slow ramp up reduces the stress and wear on vital internal components.
  • Greater Efficiency: Air conditioning loads rarely require full capacity, so running at a slower speed saves energy without sacrificing comfort.
  • Quieter Operation: Fan and air noise are reduced when the blower operates at lower speeds.

Advanced Humidity Control

The most important feature of a Comfort R system is the ability to dramatically enhance indoor humidity control, which is particularly useful in humid climates like Brevard County. After the blower engages, there are three distinct modes designed to maximize the dehumidification process:

  • 50 Percent Mode: When the blower reaches the 50 percent threshold, it holds the speed for one minute while it pre-chills the indoor air, which provides maximum dehumidification.
  • 80 percent mode: In the second stage, the blower speed is increased to 80 percent airflow for the next 7.5 minutes. On most days, the thermostat call will be satisfied at this level of operation.
  • 100 percent mode: On days when the weather is severe, the blower increases to 100 percent capacity to provide additional cooling. Comfort-R “smart blowers” have the ability to adjust output to provide the precise amount of conditioned air needed to optimize performance and comfort.

The Trane Comfort R Advantage

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