Understanding the Difference Between UV Lamps and UV Air PurifiersPublished: March 13, 2019

It’s time to fight for cleaner air in your home. Allergens and other particulates can worsen allergy symptoms, aggravate asthma and contribute to respiratory problems. The first line of defense is a high-quality air filter. For a more comprehensive approach that fights contaminants at the source, germicidal UV-C light could be the answer. Learn the difference between UV lamps and UV air purifiers so you can choose the right solution for your needs and budget.

UV Lights

UV lamps, or stick lights, are generally simple to install in most existing HVAC systems. They focus UV-C light on the air conditioner coils to kill molds and bacteria before the blower can push the microbes into the home ventilation system. These lights constantly run but add very little cost to the monthly electricity bill.

UV Air Purifiers

The next step up from UV lights is a UV air purifier, which eliminates even more contaminants. For example, Respicaire makes a triple-threat device that builds on UV-C light technology and adds carbon filtration and oxidation. It neutralizes VOCs and absorbs odors.

Better Indoor Air Quality in Brevard

UV lights and air purifiers share some characteristics. Both devices inhibit microbial growth on the coils. This improves the air conditioner’s energy efficiency and performance, potentially saving you money on electricity throughout the cooling season. With both products, the germicidal UV-C light bulbs need to be replaced once per year. Added maintenance is minimal and may be handled during a typical annual AC tuneup.

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