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Why Your Office Needs More Plants

Your office, whether it’s at home or in downtown Titusville, Florida, is more than just a space. Your work environment influences everything from productivity to health, and more. You’ve probably taken measures to improve your office by increasing efficiency and maximizing space, but we have a suggestion that can take your office atmosphere to the next level: bring in some nature. Spread some plants around your office and you’ll not only feel better, but you may see your profits rise as well. Here’s why your office needs more plants.


Why Plants?

Have you ever driven toward a large city and seen the cloud of smog that hangs around it? That pollution is hazardous, but believe it or not, the air inside an enclosed office space can be even worse. Office air can be polluted by dust mites, mold spores, chemical cleaners, carbon monoxide, and so much more. Your HVAC system may have an air filter, but sometimes that’s not enough to maintain high indoor air quality.

Nature, however, has perfected the art of the air filter. Plants are natural air filters that, when placed throughout your office, remove harmful pollutants and stabilize humidity. Plus, you can’t go wrong throwing a splash of color in an office.

Benefits of Office Plants

First and foremost, plants clean your air. But how does cleaner air help your business? Poor indoor air quality can lead to illness, and at the very least, it can produce symptoms that distract from work. Since plants remove the causes of those symptoms, productivity in your office will rise. Plants also reduce ambient noise in your workspace, further minimizing distractions. Psychologists have also found that simply having a plant present reduces stress.

If you’re looking to improve the atmosphere in your office and raise profits while you’re at it, invest in a few plants for your office. For professional help improving your office’s indoor air quality, call Ellington Air Conditioning and Heat at (386) 260-2633.

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