Regular Versus Electronic Air FiltersPublished: April 26, 2019

The air filter may be the most important element of your Brevard County, Florida, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit. Air filters capture airborne pollutants, preventing dust and other particulates from settling on coils, coating ducts and entering your living space. As filters get dirty, a system’s efficiency declines. Dirty filters are the primary reason a unit stops working.

Standard filters are designed to keep heating and cooling units clean. However, better filters reduce the amount and kinds of pollutants that are blown into your home. The NATE-certified experts at Ellington Air Conditioning & Heating can help you select filters that work with your AC unit, are easy to maintain and keep your indoor air fresh and clean.

Standard Air Filters

Regular AC filters are either pleated or flat fiberglass panels. Fiberglass filters capture large particles such as hair, pollen, animal dander, dust, and insect parts. They are usually one inch thick, inexpensive and disposable, making them very convenient. However, with minimum efficiency reporting values between 1 and 4, they are not very effective at cleaning air. The lower the MERV number, the less efficient the filter.

Standard filters with higher MERV values are available. They are usually pleated, which makes them more efficient at capturing pollutants. Although some are washable, they are difficult to clean and must be replaced as they lose effectiveness. For normal household use, filters rated between MERV 8 and 11 are usually sufficient.

Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters are made from fibers that are electrostatically charged to capture airborne pollutants. Although some are disposable, most are washable, which means you do not have to buy replacement filters every several months. They are generally rated between MERV 1 and 4 although some have values up to MERV 8. They remove larger particulates, such as pollen, dust, hair, and fibers, but do not remove smaller pollutants. Although they offer better filtration than standard fiberglass filters, they do not perform as well as filters with higher MERV ratings.

Selecting a Filter

The comfort specialists at Ellington AC can help you select a filter that fits your needs. Filters with higher MERV ratings can affect the airflow of an HVAC unit. We analyze your system and recommend filters that will improve indoor air quality without affecting the performance of your unit.

To find out more about selecting a filter, call (321) 248-4838 to speak to one of our technicians.