AC & HVAC Installation in Rockledge, Palm Bay & Surrounding Areas

AC & HVAC Installation

Improper installation can void out any benefits provided by even the best HVAC equipment. Below are just a few common problems caused by incompetence or improper installations (data provided by the studies listed):

Texas A&M University Research

23% of systems were not properly charged with refrigerant, resulting in 52% efficiency loss. Your 20mpg unit is now a 10mpg unit.

Florida Solar Energy Center

By repairing or replacing leaking ductwork, cooling energy cost was reduced by an average of 17.4%

Louisiana State University

By repairing or replacing leaking ductwork, cooling energy cost was reduced by an average of 17.4%

North Carolina Alternative Energy Group

90% of units tested exhibited some sort of energy-wasting and comfort-robbing problem.
Tip: Be Leery Of A Contractor Who Bases Estimates Merely On House Size Or Vague Rules Of Thumb.

Beware of Improper Installations by Those "Other Guys"

Below on the left side are two examples of poorly installed systems by local contractors. These contractors would not fix their mistakes and left the homeowners with systems that never functioned properly. On the right, you’ll see how Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat reinstalled the same equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications, saving the homeowners significant energy dollars each month. The jobs were completed professionally and neatly with minimum disruption to the homeowner, ensuring customer satisfaction from our quality service.

1. Due to poor installation, the copper lines will prevent the removal of the evaporator fan motor.

Copper lines, once installed, cannot be moved unless they are removed and reinstalled.

2. Customer purchased a 16 MPG system but this system was only performing at approximately a 10 MPG rating due to airflow problems.

3. Air cleaner was improperly installed, leaving only 4” of space off the ground for the air to return into the unit.

Leaving ONLY 4” for the return air is not adequate for proper airflow to the system. Manufacturers require 16” as a MINIMUM for airflow space.

4. Live electrical wiring was left exposed by the installing contractor.


1. Repaired electrical by relocating and bringing everything up to code.

2. Caulked doors to prevent air leaks and/or intrusion, increasing the potential energy savings for the homeowner.
Ran lines to allow removal of internal parts and repairs.

3. Properly installed float switch and insulated drain line for proper drainage.

4. Installed unit at the proper height for increased airflow.

Ellington's No Worries Program

Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat is here for you after the sale as well with our affordable financing.. In a day and time when providing excuses, delays, and transferring you to 10 people has become the “norm,” we take a decidedly different path. Our “No Worries Program” is simply just that: no more worries.
An important and often overlooked fact is that your new high-efficiency system requires maintenance to not only uphold its factory warranty but also to ensure it delivers the high efficiency you purchased for years to come.

Our No Worries Program is only available at the time of purchase of a new system. With a monthly enrollment, we cover all aspects of the installation and equipment at no additional costs to you. This includes air conditioning installations, general HVAC installations, and heating installations. No deductibles, no service call fees, no overtime charges, no repair fees, and no maintenance fees; it’s all included at no additional cost to you in the event of a breakdown over the next 10 years. You don’t even have to call us to schedule maintenance, we take care of that too!


No Worries!

Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat provides a full range of HVAC services to homeowners in Melbourne, Merritt Island, Titusville, Port St. John, Palm Shores, Satellite Beach, Palm Bay, Sebastian and Vero Beach, and the surrounding areas.
  • No Deductibles
  • No Service Call Fees
  • No Overtime Charges
  • No Repair Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees

Ellington's Price Match Advantage

Our Price Match Advantage is another Ellington Difference that we offer to distinguish us from any competitors. This is one more reason why we’re the highest-rated and most-reviewed HVAC contractor in our service area. We will match the price of a new installation from another dealer, if you get a lower price. All of the following conditions apply.

1. Only applies to models and brands that Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat offers.

2. All competitors’ equipment must be new, in stock, not a closeout/discount sale, discontinued, previous year(s) model, and also currently available.

3. The original proposal (dated within 14 days of our visit), must be supplied with all of the pertinent details of comparison, such as but not limited to customer name, address, equipment models number(s), thermostat info, warranty info, exclusions, and date of proposal. Photocopies and/or pictures of estimates, advertisements, or receipts will not be accepted as verification of competitor pricing.

4. No other offer can be combined. This includes but is not limited to a previous repair coupon, Preferred discount, No Worries discount, or any other promotional discounts that Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat may be offering.

5. Price Match only applies in Brevard County and must be with a “brick & mortar” store headquartered within 20 miles of Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat, 3280 Highway US 1 Rockledge, FL 32955.

6. Competitors must have at least 2 dedicated manned service vehicles and provide 7-day service.

7. Must have a 4.8 or higher Google review, with 25 reviews or more, to ensure they will offer proper after-the-sale support.

8. Price match applies to HVAC equipment and installation only. Ducting does not apply.

9. Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat will match the system to the comparable system during an in-home consultation or within 14 days of a competitive proposal. Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat will determine, at its sole discretion, whether the system quotation from the competitor qualifies as a match. Our price guarantee is only valid on purchases that include both equipment and installation.

10. Price matching not valid on prior purchases. Must present competitive item information at the time of purchase to be eligible.

11. Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat may modify or terminate the system price guarantee, i.e. price matching at any time.