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Make Your Home Futuristic: The Latest in Home Automation

Although just 10 years ago, complete home automation seemed like a stretch, advancements in technology have made automation not only possible but cheaper than you may think. If you didn’t already know, home automation gives Rockledge, Florida, residents the ability to control their home’s appliances, HVAC systems, and electronics from a remote point. Apart from ease of use, home automation provides benefits you don’t get with a traditional home. If you’re looking to modernize your home, here’s a brief glance at what home automation does and all the advantages it brings to homeowners.


Nexia Home Intelligence and Trane ComfortLink

Although there are many home automation services on the market, only a few stand out as some of the best available. At Ellington Air Conditioning and Heating, we’re proud to offer some of the best in home automation including Nexia Home Intelligence and Trane ComfortLink. Both systems allow you to control nearly every system in your home. Moreover, both systems link to each other to provide excellent zoning solutions for the perfect temperature.

With Nexia Home Intelligence, you get a streamlined array of products that provide comfort, convenience, and security. Plus, you can control each of these aspects with an app on your smartphone. You can also connect Trane ComfortLink to the mix through this same app, allowing you to keep things comfortable with just the touch of a button.


Now that you know a bit about how home automation works, let’s talk about the numerous benefits. Convenience is perhaps the most vital advantage of automation, as it combines simplicity into your everyday life. If you forget to turn the lights out when you go on vacation or if you’re already in bed, bring up the app to turn them off remotely. If your kids forget the keys when they return from school, you can unlock the doors when they return from school.

You can even use voice recognition software to do just about anything, provided it’s connected to your home automation system.

Improved HVAC Performance

When temperatures call for excessive use of your HVAC system, the resulting bill is nothing short of daunting. However, a home automation system can help lessen the blow. By using zoning and turning off your system when you’re at work or away from home, it cuts the wear and tear on the system. This cuts the need for maintenance, especially if you couple it with routine tuneups. Nexia also allows you to set your smart thermostat, adding yet another level of comfort and reduced energy costs. Nothing beats a perfect temperature at a fraction of the price.


Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, there’s always that worry in the back of your mind. While many security companies offer some nice features and monitoring, they often cost a fair amount to install on top of the fee you pay each month. With a home automation system, you can get the same protection but without all the added costs. Home automation can allow you to open the blinds, turn on the lights, or simulate virtually any other human activity as long as it’s connected to the system. This causes potential robbers to think someone’s home and abandon their plans.

For even more protection, Nexia allows you to view any camera on your home through a simple interface. All of this adds up to excellent home security.


While some upgrades or remodels in your home don’t allow you to break even, a home automation system begins to save you money as soon as it’s installed. When you’re only using the appliances, electronics, and HVAC components you absolutely need, you’ll notice a change in your utility bill each month. This also translates to savings outside the home, such as saving gas to have to come home from work to let the kids in or turn out a light. Finally, a home automation system saves time, which is the most valuable asset of all.

By properly managing energy consumption, providing security, and putting more money in the bank, a home automation system provides a blanket of features that make home living easier. If you’ve decided you want to add a futuristic and convenient aspect to your home with a home automation system, make sure to call us at Ellington Air Conditioning and Heating for all your needs. Contact us today at (386) 260-2633.

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