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4 Common HVAC Issues Homeowners Need To Know

Having a properly running HVAC system is vital for maintaining a comfortable home, especially in Sebastian and Vero Beach. Knowing how to identify common HVAC issues can help homeowners stay on top of any necessary repairs and prevent future mechanical failures. Here are four of the most commonly reported HVAC issues to keep an eye out for.


Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can pose issues for your household, especially if you have members with a sensitive respiratory system. Your HVAC unit plays a major role in keeping your indoor air clean and fresh. If you notice that you’re experiencing unusual allergy-type symptoms, it could be a sign that your climate control system isn’t doing its part to keep your indoor air quality high.

This could be due to a variety of issues. The most common is that your filter needs to be changed. This is typically located inside, in an easy-to-find spot. Your filter should be switched out on a regular basis. When selecting a filter, be sure to check out the MERV rating: the higher the number, the better the filter is at removing pollutants from the air. However, you shouldn’t exceed the MERV that was manufacturer-recommended for your system.

Another issue could be dirty ducts. Your filter can only do so much to remove debris, especially if your ductwork and vents are filled with buildup. Regular duct cleaning can help improve your home’s air quality. You may also want to consider a dehumidifier or additional venting technologies if your home feels stuffy or muggy.

No Cool Air

In the midst of a Florida summer, you’ll notice very quickly if your HVAC unit isn’t supplying your home with cool air. You may still have airflow and regular air cycling, but there isn’t any cool air coming from the vents. This can be caused by a number of issues that should be relatively easy to fix and are often quickly spotted during regular HVAC maintenance.

First, be sure to check that your filter isn’t clogged and that your vents are free and clear. If everything seems okay, you could be facing one of many issues. Refrigerant leaks and blockage are relatively common, as are broken compressor valves, faulty metering devices, poor connection between the unit and the thermostat, and bad reversal valves. All of these should be addressed by a professional.

Long Cycles

Your HVAC unit uses regular cycles to draw air out of your home and replace it with temperature-controlled air. Once the desired temperature has been met, your unit will shut off until it needs to correct the temperature again. These cycles typically aren’t very long during day-to-day functioning of your home. If you notice that your unit’s cycles are running far longer than usual, that could be a sign of an issue. Your unit is having to work harder to reach the desired temperature. This will affect your home’s energy costs and may lead to major malfunctions.

Again, it’s good to check first that your filter is free and clear. Other issues should be dealt with by an HVAC expert, as the culprits are often bad interior parts or an overall issue with the ductwork and/or the unit itself.

Noisy Vents or System

Clunking, banging, grinding, and loud hissing are all signs that something is wrong with your system. Your outdoor unit will make noise when it starts up, and the air flowing into your house will often be audible, but if these sound levels seem suddenly extremely audible or unusual, there may be something wrong with the components of your system. It’s best to get this checked out as soon as possible, as these noises often point to unusual wear and tear on interior components that can lead to breaks or other major issues.

Noisy systems can also point towards poorly installed vents or dampers, which can rattle and make noise. If you think the sound is coming from the vents themselves, see if screwing them into the ceiling a little tighter reduces the sound.

If you’re concerned that something is wrong with your HVAC unit, don’t wait until it turns into a larger issue, give the experts at Ellington Air Conditioning and Heat a call today at (386) 260-2633 to set up an appointment!

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