3 Benefits of Better Indoor Air QualityPublished: August 17, 2018

If you live in Brevard County, Florida, you know outdoor air quality can get become full of allergens, harmful particulates, and other irritants that can be damaging to your quality of life. What you may not know is that indoor air quality can have a big impact, too. A professional air conditioning and heating company can provide services that will keep your HVAC system in top shape, and improve your home’s air quality. Here, we’ll take a look at a few benefits that good indoor air quality can provide.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Most people know that dust and allergens in the air can harm the respiratory system. But they can also have less noticeable impacts — such as the quality of your sleep. In a worst-case scenario, you may be suddenly unable to sleep or chronically restless, waking up again and again through the night. Having good indoor air quality can improve the quality of your sleep, and protect against the development of serious sleep-related conditions like sleep apnea.

Better Health

The health benefits of good indoor air quality don’t stop with better sleep. Improved air quality can also mean better moisture levels. When the air in your home is too dry, it can lead to skin irritation or nosebleeds. Air that’s too moist isn’t good either — you might develop stuffiness or other upper respiratory problems. Good air quality means good moisture levels; if you have both, you may find yourself breathing easier.

A Lower Energy Bill

You may also see the benefits of good indoor air quality in your energy bill. When the air in your home is filled with dust and other particulates, the HVAC system must work harder to circulate the air. Clear indoor air will help your HVAC system do its job, meaning less energy spent.

Poor indoor air quality can be seriously harmful to your quality of life — but it’s not hard to improve. At Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat, we offer services like duct cleaning that help ensure your home’s air ducts are the cleanest they can be. Visit our website, or call us at (321) 248-4838 today.

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