Nexia Home Intelligence Services in Rockledge, Edgewater, and Sebastian

Manage your home from anywhere with Nexia Home Intelligence.

Nexia helps you connect to your home from an all-in-one app that works seamlessly with Trane TruComfort™ systems. If you're looking for home automation ideas or for a single app that controls multiple smart products, including a WiFi security camera, thermostat, remote control lighting and much more, Nexia has the solution for you! If you're familiar with Nest products, you'll find Nexia offers a similar and wide array of products that are just as easy to install.
Convenience You'll Love

Wondering if you closed and locked the garage and front door will not be cause for concern; simply get an alert and the Nexia app, will make sure your house is secure.

Working Late? On Vacation? Nexia is Always Home

Whether you’re working late or will be away from home for weeks, Nexia is always home. Program your blinds to close at sunset, turn on the lights, reset your thermostat and then turn off the lights at bedtime. Nexia will make sure it looks as though someone is home. When you’re coming home late, program Nexia to open your garage door, turn on lights and even unlock your front door as you’re pulling into your driveway.

Security For Your Kids, Peace Of Mind For You

Your children can have their own unique lock codes that will alert you when they’ve made it home safely. Nexia can also turn off the t.v. when they should be working on homework, so you’ll know it’s getting done.


Works seamlessly with Trane TruComfort™ systems

Manage your home’s heating and cooling remotely

Access Nexia from any web-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer

Nexia can be expanded* to include remote management of locks, video surveillance, lights, shades, energy use, even your garage door


*Subscription required with certain security features, but free of charge for thermostat operation.

Zoned Heating And Cooling For The Comfort Of Your Life

If you have rooms in your home that are either too warm or too cold no matter how many adjustments you make to the thermostat, we have the answer. It’s called the Trane ComfortLink™ zoning system. You probably have rooms in your home that have more windows than other rooms; perhaps there are rooms that aren’t used very often also. If it’s always a struggle to keep the rooms in your home a consistently comfortable temperature regardless of season, a zoning system can provide the control and comfort you’re looking for.

The zoning system uses motorized modulating dampers within your existing ductwork to keep temperatures consistent throughout your home whether you’re calling for more air conditioning during the summer or heat in the winter. A special thermostat with the sensor is installed that relays temperature and humidity information and allows adjustments for individual zones. You’re also able to monitor and control your system from any web-enabled smartphone or device.
Zoning works by sending more heated or cooled air where you want it and less where it isn’t needed. You’ll spend less on energy, and your system will reduce it’s running time, prolonging its life cycle. You’ll enjoy a more comfortable house as a result.
100% Customer Satisfaction, Guaranteed!
The Ellington team has been installing Trane zone systems for years. We have satisfied many homeowners with similar “hot spots” that you may be experiencing. We have also replaced existing zone systems that were not designed correctly by the previous contractor. Zone systems work flawlessly when installed correctly. Call today and experience the Ellington difference.