Ductless Cooling and Personalized ComfortPublished: June 25, 2017

You’ve settled down after a long day at work. It may be hot outside in Cape Canaveral, Florida, but your home is at the perfect temperature. Then, as if your comfort jinxed itself, your teen emerges from her room, complaining that it’s too cold, and raises the temperature. With central cooling, everyone has to live with the same temperature, even though comfort preferences differ depending on the individual. Fortunately, if this sounds familiar, there is an alternative to central cooling for you and your family. Ductless air conditioning can keep everyone satisfied by allowing you to personalize your comfort.

What Is Ductless Cooling?

It’s all in the name. Unlike a central cooling system, which uses a duct network to distribute equally cooled air throughout the home, ductless units go without that network. Instead, refrigerant is fed directly into an air handler set into the wall of your room. Fans in the air handler blow air right into the living space, without the help of ducts.

Personalized Comfort

Since each area of your home requires its own ductless air handling unit, you can take comfort into your own hands. The area cooled by a ductless unit is called a “zone,” which consists of its own thermostat, so different areas of your home can be kept at different temperatures according to the preference of whoever spends their time there. This personalized comfort can also make your home more efficient by limiting the air that would be wasted by a central cooling system in a room that’s seldom used.

Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home, and with a ductless cooling system, everybody is happy. If you have more questions about ductless cooling, or would like a ductless system installed in your home, call Ellington Air Conditioning and Heat at (321) 248-4838.