3 Creative Ways to Conceal Your HVACPublished: May 26, 2018

While your HVAC system is an essential part of keeping your home comfortable, you may wish that the look of your outdoor unit blended better with your vision of your home’s overall aesthetic. Luckily, there are a number of ways to creatively conceal your HVAC unit without impairing airflow. Here are three of our favorite tricks for keeping the exterior of your home looking at its very best without negatively impacting your HVAC’s efficiency.


Latticework is a fence-like structure made of pieces of wood, iron, or plastic to create a pretty, often diamond-shaped, pattern. Latticework is a great way to conceal your HVAC unit without compromising its efficiency, thanks to the gaps in between the slats. You can choose whether to build a simple surround or an elaborate structure. Whichever you decide to do, latticework is usually inexpensive, especially if you choose a wood structure, and can be purchased at home improvement stores.


Landscaping, in general, can make a big difference in your home’s efficiency. Choosing to add a few extra plants around your HVAC unit won’t only conceal it but also add to its overall effectiveness. Plants like elephant ears or shrubs provide coverage to hide the unit from view while also creating a shaded area.

If you choose to use plants, be sure to place them an appropriate distance away from the actual unit. The hot air from the HVAC system can damage plants, and plants can also lead to issues with your unit if botanical debris gets inside. When selecting plants, be sure to consider any household allergies.


Trellises are a great combination of latticework and simple plants that provide a functional yet beautiful solution for unsightly HVAC units. The vine growth can provide shade for your system while the trellis itself adds extra privacy. Popular vines include tomatoes, ivy, and morning glory. Just make sure you don’t plant any vines too close to the unit where they may grow inside!

These three tricks can help conceal your HVAC unit, but they can’t solve maintenance issues. If you notice something going wrong with your unit, give the experts at Ellington Air Conditioning and Heat a call at (305) 824-2265 today!

Image provided by Shutterstock