3 Technologies to Improve Air QualityPublished: May 24, 2018

Keeping indoor air quality high is important for many Rockledge, Florida, homeowners. Fortunately, improving the air quality of your home has never been easier thanks to new advances in technology. Here are three air quality technologies to help keep your home healthy and comfortable.


Florida is known for its humid climate. This can lead to a buildup of moisture in your home that can lead to unfortunate issues like biological growth or unpleasant smells. If you only use your Florida home as a seasonal house, humidity can easily build up when you aren’t staying there, especially if you don’t leave your climate control running the whole time. A dehumidifier system can work to remove much of that moisture from the air and prevent your home from becoming too humid, while keeping your indoor air quality from suffering.


Ventilation can help recycle the air in your home and keep undesirable contaminants from stagnating in your home. Dust, allergens, and other debris can build up if you don’t have regular ventilation. While your HVAC system should work to cycle the air, extra ventilation can help keep your air fresh when your system isn’t on and improve your overall indoor air quality. This is especially useful for larger or historic homes that may not have ductwork that reaches everywhere as effectively.

Air Purifier

Working to pull allergens and contaminants from the air, air purifiers work closer to the particle level versus ventilators, which deal with airflow overall. If you have family members with sensitive lungs, air purifiers can help reduce their symptoms by keeping condition triggers from the air. These can be room-sized units or whole-house units, depending on your needs, so you get extra flexibility with pricing. Of course, larger units will do a better job at improving your home’s overall air quality level.

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