Installing Home Automation Keeps You More SecurePublished: January 26, 2017

You’re busy. Between home, family and work responsibilities, keeping track of everything can be taxing. Protect your home and family the easy way: Install a security system in your Brevard County home. This technology lets you manage your home remotely from anywhere using your cell phone, tablet or laptop. Here are three reasons why smart home automation makes life safer and easier:

1. Turns Off Appliances And Turns On Lights

Do you always wonder if you turned off the stove before leaving the house? A home automation system can tell you if you did, and if you didn’t, the system will turn it off for you. A smart home system can also turn on the lights when it starts to get dark to give the impression that someone is always home.

2. Locks And Unlocks The Door

If you worry about whether you turned off the stove, you probably also worry about whether you locked the door. With smart home technology, automated door locks will eliminate that worry forever. If you should forget to lock the door, or you just want to make sure it’s really locked, a tap of your finger is all it takes. Should you lose your house keys, don’t worry. With automated door locks, you won’t have to break into your own home.

3. Turns The Thermostat Up And Down

Did you forget to adjust the air conditioner this morning? With home automation, you can maximize energy efficiency in seconds by adjusting your home’s thermostat remotely. You can also turn up the air conditioning before you arrive home. There’s nothing like a cool house on a hot Florida day.

Nexia Home Intelligence works with your Trane TruComfort system and connects you to your home via an all-in-one-app. The app integrates with security cameras, lighting systems, thermostat settings, door locks and more. The system can make it look like you are always home, even when you go on vacation.

To learn more about how a smart system in your Brevard County home can create a more secure environment for you and your family, check out Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat’s home security solutions or call (321) 248-4838.