How to Know You Need a Duct CleaningPublished: October 19, 2017

Air duct cleanings are easily overlooked, but this simple maintenance task is a powerful step toward cleaner air in your home. Watch for these important signs that your Palm Shores, Florida, home is overdue for a duct cleaning. Take smart steps now for cleaner air you can enjoy long into the future.

Visible Dust on Registers

If your air registers have visible dust between or on top of the grates, this is a key indicator that your ducts are filled with dust. Dirt, pollen, animal hair, and other irritants will collect in this type of environment as well. A duct cleaning will help clear out this buildup to minimize irritants and allergens in your air.

Filthy Filters

On average, you should only have to change your air filters every three months. If you have a particularly dusty home, you may need filter changes every month. If you find dust visibly collecting on your filter in less than a month, your system is likely suffering from lack of air flow. The decrease in air flow will allow dust to settle in the ducts, creating an irritating buildup throughout the home.

Signs of Infestation

If you’ve had an infestation in your home, your ducts may have served as means of travel for unwanted critters. The ductwork may harbor animal hair, droppings, dead insects, and other unwanted debris. A duct cleaning will help clear the house of any remnants from an insect or rodent infestation in the home.

If you’ve noticed any of these key indicators of dirty ducts, it’s time to consider a professional cleaning service. Contact Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat at (321) 248-4838 for duct and vent cleaning or replacement services. We can help you get your ducts clean now and offer indoor air quality solutions that will keep them that way long into the future.

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