Too Hot or Too Cool? A Zoning System Gets It RightPublished: April 23, 2020

End the thermostat wars in your home! There is an innovative way for you to regulate the temperature of any room or zone in your Rockledge, Florida home. Known as a zoning system, this is the solution that allows you to find the perfect temperature for everyone. Let’s take a look at what a zoning system is and how it works.

Why Purchase a Zoning System?

Zoning allows you to direct warm air or cold air where is it needed. Let’s say your daughter likes to have it cool in her bedroom, zoning can be programmed to adjust the temperature just for her bedroom alone. Everyone else in the house can enjoy the home at the same temperature.

Which Zoning System Should I Choose?

There are a number of smart zoning systems that you can put in your home. Two of the top zoning system include the Trane Comfortlink zoning controls and the Nexia Home Intelligence Hub. With the Trane Comfortlink, you can control different zones or rooms via a touchscreen smart thermostat. The Nexia Home Intelligence hub can control the zones and room temperature through your smartphone or another Bluetooth enabled device.

Maintain Comfortable Temperatures in Every Room

Zoning works by using ductwork dampers or individual thermostats in each room or zone of the house. The dampers can stop or allow hot or cold air into a specific room or zone. This entire system is wired to a central control panel that is able to regulate each zone or room in the house.

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